Thursday, August 12, 2010

GenCon breakdown

My wife and I just returned from our first GenCon, where we had the pleasure of going with a LOT of friends and friends of friends.

I could go day by day over activities, but instead I'll just mention games played and call the post done...

Board/Card Games:
Civilization (only got to play 5 turns)
Dice Town
Race for the Galaxy (with Gathering Storm and Rebel vs Imperium Expansions)
Tichu (actually, my wife played this while I was playing other games)
Time's Up
Time's Up: Title Recall
Tok Tok Woodman!
Win, Lose, Banana (with and without the Cake expansion)

I failed to play the following, despite making at least a modicum of effort to do so:
Battles of Westeros
Castle Ravenloft
Death Angel

There were a ton of other games I wouldn't have minded playing, but there simply isn't enough time in the day. I did learn that you play games on Thursday and Friday, and do your wandering Saturday, instead of vice versa... that should help next time.

Role-playing games:
The Shotgun Diaries: Die Zombie Die!

These were the only RPGs I played. Fiasco is an amazing shared narrative game, no DM required. I highly recommend it if you have a group of four that likes telling stories and fucking each other over.

Die Zombie Die was a bloody dice fest of fun, low on mechanics, high on over-acting and gruesome death scenes. Our group started out far too slowly and methodically... but once we got into the zombies, things picked up and we had a blast.

RPG's I didn't play, despite wanting to:
Dark Sun 4e

Outside of gaming, I managed to see Wil Wheaton speak and get a chapbook, but failed to play Magic: the Gathering, Battletech, True Dungeon, or TerrorWerks. But all told, it was a successful first trip to GenCon. I will definitely spend more time gaming the next time we go.

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