Friday, August 24, 2012

D&D Next Playtest Session 1 tomorrow!

So tomorrow I will start the first session of our D&D Next Playtest.

The plan currently is to focus on character creation, letting everyone roll stats (4d6 drop lowest as you like. Despite the name of my blog I'm not going to require 3d6 in order. D&D Next has some roots in the OSR, but they don't go that deep, apparently!)

My daughter has espoused interest in Humans, Elves, and Halflings for race, and Fighter, Cleric, Wizard, and Sorcerer for class. I'm only somewhat surprised she has limited herself so much.

After we make characters, I'll probably run an off-the cuff origin story for each of them individually that gets them in the same place, and have the first meeting of the PCs.

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