Monday, February 24, 2014

Pathfinder Mythic Rules

I've been blogging daily on a second blog site for the past 5 weeks, that has almost nothing to do with gaming outside of the name... but blogging daily there has gotten me back into the blogging habit, so I feel like I should revisit this space and start using it again.

(For the interested parties, my other blog is my journal as I try to lose about 100 lbs and get back into shape, you can see it here:

Anyway, back to the point of this post. We've been playing in the new Pathfinder Adventure path for the past few months, and last night finished a big dungeon crawl and leveled/tiered up again.

We have a party of 5, all of us are level 8 and Mythic Tier 3. Here's our party:

Brill, Level 8 Human Life Oracle (that's me)
Dyrfinna, Level 8 Human Stormborn Sorcerer
Torq, Level 8 Half-Orc Rogue
Shegurd, Level 8 Half-Orc Barbarian
Rahz, Level 8 Human Fighter 5/Paladin 3

Overall, my opinion on the Mythic Rules is that they are very interesting, but i'm not sure I appreciate the increased complexity that comes with the massive amount of rules. We've been playing Pathfinder a long time, but with this campaign we're using Ultimate Campaign and Mythic Adventures, and honestly it's a lot to keep up with. I've got a shop in the ruins of our starting city and the downtime issues there are just a chore when added to everything else... armies, rebuilding cities, leveling up in both level and tier. It's a lot!

We're trying to smooth things out a bit, with a combination of 'cheat sheets' that spell out all the various actions we have available, and we've begun work on a 'playbook', to try to script a little of the fights, but of course the only good thing about a plan is that you know it will get thrown out the window as soon as initiative is rolled.

This post is mostly just a pre-cursor though. I'm just getting this out here as an intro, and I'll try to post something about our campaign  every few days. Since we've been in the campaign for a while, I can both post look-backs as well as current events and look-forwards. So I should have plenty of fodder for the first few weeks.

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