Thursday, August 12, 2010

Welcome to Roll 3d6

Hi. I'm Marshall and you may or may not know me. This is my gaming blog. In this you'll find a few various themes for posts... board games, card games, computer and video games, role-playing games... you may be seeing a theme.

The inspiration for this blog is an email that I sent to someone. The email was about the Atari 2600 game, E.T.

Most people who know anything about the game E.T. only know that it was the worst game ever, that it helped crash the Atari 2600 market, and that mass quantities of the game are buried in a landfill. That's what I knew about it, as well.

However, Wil Wheaton posted a story about the game on his blog, and it inspired me to not only play the game, but to give a stream-of-consciousness ramble about my experience playing the game. My first entertaining post will be a slightly edited version of my experiences.

Other posts in this blog will be about current games I'm playing, but I plan to make a project of playing Atari 2600 games from my youth, but analyzing them as a gamer today. I might also make my kids or wife play them, and get their commentary too.

I hope you enjoy my blog. Please forgive the Spartan look and feel, I'll exert effort to make the site look more interesting later.


  1. I hope you cover Raiders of the Lost Ark. I loved/hated that game when I was a kid.

  2. It's on the list! However, it is going to be fairly far down the list, as it is the hardest game I can remember playing.

  3. Raiders of the Lost Ark was so hard, but one of the few games I remember liking because it had a point. Even as a kid, that felt important.

    I enjoyed reading about the kids being subjected to Adventure. It's actually a pretty fun game that holds up well. Look forward to seeing what other games you pull out.

  4. Was Ali Baba and the 40 thieves on the 2600?
    We had tons of fun playing that game.

  5. According to Stella, there is no such game by that name for the 2600. There was a version for the Atari 800, which is probably the one you're thinking of.